We aim to bring a different adventure in coffee for you

It is not our style to roast coffee past any level beyond a city profile. In simple terms, we don’t play it safe.
Roasting lighter with good development is what we stand for. Creating blends and various brew techniques that is not commonly used is what we love.
Guiding with Senses: Smell, Visual, Touch – is what we do. We don’t like scales. We don’t like following a guide. We experiment.

Coffee to us is a living thing. It is not going to taste the same everyday. It breathes, it develops, it stales. Understanding, tasting and calibrating on the go. Using our understanding and instincts, we brew as we go. There isn’t a fixed recipe, there is just a range. That is how we train our team, to develop an understanding to coffee and brew it to its optimal at any given time. The machines we choose are manual, the brew techniques we teach are rough guides. Every cup of coffee we serve has its own character; they may be similar but none are exactly the same.

Our Roasting Equipment

We try to stay away from graphing with a computer. Honestly, we are roasting coffee and not the computer. Call us old school but we love paper and pen. It allows us to focus on the coffee more and deciding on our actions through the roast by our senses. Looking at the color change and smelling, we decide where we want to take our course of action.

  • Bella EVO-1
    A sample 1KG gas roaster where we sample roasts origins to grade, select and test profiles. This magnificent piece is the most important in our development stage. It is where all our magic begins
  • Santoker WS3
    Our 3KG roaster in store is what we use to roast for our shop supply. As this brand is gaining its popularity in the market, we have chosen it for is simplicity and ease of control.
  • Giesen W6
    Let’s keep this a secret for now. You will soon see this in action somewhere.