MORPHINECOFFEE© – A Micro Roastery

{noun} mor·​phine | \ ˈmȯr-ˌfēn \Ωø?

Dedicated to Fresh Roast Coffee & Other In-house Crafted Items for Pairing.

MORPHINECOFFEE is a metaphorical term and shall not be used or linked to any meaning of the medicinal drug – Morphine. MorphineCoffee is solely a coffee /cafe outlet specialising in fresh roasted coffee and in-house developed beverages and baked menu items. We seek to achieve excellence in our coffee journey and continuously innovate items to pair our coffee menu.

FOUNDED:  2018
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Version ; 22018rr33.11.11.4

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Categories of our menu includes non-coffee items. Our main menu consists of 5 categories, namely – Various Brews of Coffee, Crafted Ice Beverages (Non-Coffee), Teas, Toasts & Bakes. Our web-store shall be focusing on sales of items not listed in our main menu categories – Beans, Merchandises, etc